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Somber Homecoming

Hey Y'all!! Sorry it's been soooo long since our last post, but if you remember the update we made with that one, Greg got a job. (Greg in his life of leisure was our main (only, really) blog writer so he has been preoccupied with preparing for the new job. For those of you who are not aware, he actually started the new job in early June. So far, it's been a little slow, but that's to be expected in a new role. He likes the team he's working on and is looking forward to the work he'll be doing in time. We plan to write a blog about working in Australia versus working in the US, and we can share a better update in that one if we ever get to it! This installation is focused on something else and will be quite short.

As some of you may know, Allison's grandmother passed away in December of 2022. Because of the timing around the holidays and the fact that her family is spread out around the country (and with us in Australia), they decided to hold off on the services until the weather warmed up and they could give more planning time for travel. Unfortunately, Greg's grandmother also passed away recently (in late May). With the planned trip home already, Greg's family was able to plan her services to line up with the dates we would be home. Needless to say, we have an array of family responsibilities, but are hoping to get in as much friend time as possible in between. We will be making our homebase at Greg's parents' house in Bristol and because our family obligations are in and around the weekend we are planning to find some sort of happy hour during the second week to see folks who are around. The plan will be to get together somewhere in the Hartford area the night before we fly back to Australia (Wednesday July 12th). If you are interested, please feel free to reach out for the details. (Greg has not figured out where to go yet). If you're unable to hangout that night, reach out and we can try to get together. We really hope to see as many friends as we can while we're home!

We know this isn't much of an update, but wanted to get the word out before it was too late. Even though we're coming home for somber reasons, we're excited to see family and friends we haven't been able to see since our move last year. Losing both of our grandmothers has been a difficult experience for us, however we're so grateful they both lived long, happy, healthy lives. We miss them dearly but look forward to celebrating their lives with all of our people!

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