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So... We Think We're Going to Stay!

Ok, so the title is a little deceiving. We ARE going to stay a bit longer now! This is going to be a shorter post just to get the news out there to our people.

As many of you know, the impetus for moving abroad was the short term assignment Allison accepted from Unilever, which was only one year guaranteed. However, we always hoped that we'd be able to stay longer by either extending Al's assignment here or by Greg getting a permanent position that would let him afford to stay after taking some time off of work. Well, Greg just accepted an offer with Qantas Airlines (the American Airlines of Australia). His role will be similar to what he was doing in the States only on the other side of the industry. Where he used to work at the original manufacturer in Pratt & Whitney, he will now be stationed at the Melbourne Airport in their maintenance and over haul center.

Those keen readers will notice that the Melbourne Airport is not quite in commuting distance to Sydney, which means, yes, we will be moving from Sydney to Melbourne! As of now, Greg will move down in early June for the role and Allison will join him once her year at Unilever Australia is completed at the end of July. This means Greg and Al will be making a switch in that Allison will now be able to take some time off of work while Greg gets back to it! (We are not sure how Greg will handle the transition, but we have faith his life of leisure has not ruined him for the working world just quite yet!).

One final note, we were also recently granted permanent residency here! This was a long process completely separate from our sponsorship here with Unilever. We originally started the process before the Covid pandemic started and the borders closed back in 2020. We think this helped Greg with his job prospects (we received the news the same week he started interviewing with Qantas.) We hope that extending our time will allows us to host more of you as guests so please reach out if you are interested in coming down!

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2 commentaires

12 mai 2023

(this is AL): Thanks Keegs! We're really excited even though it means being away awhile longer. Feel free to come visit anytime! I hear the longer toddlers are on a plane the better they behave 😉


09 mai 2023

Congrats Greg!! So happy for you guys (but also sad because we miss you!) Hope you enjoy funemployment Al. P.S. Qantas is far superior to American Air 😆

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